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What You Need To Tell Your Attorney About Your Arrest

Merced DUI defense attorney

In order for your Merced DUI defense attorney to build the strongest case on your behalf, you will need to provide him with thoughtful, honest answers to many of these questions:

Did the police search your car? Did they find anything? When did they tell you that you were under arrest? Did they put you in handcuffs? Did they make any kind of tape or take any pictures when you were pulled over? Did they read you your rights? Did you remain silent or did you keep talking to them? Did you ask on the spot to see a Merced DUI defense attorney?

How many police officers did you interact with during the course of your traffic stop, arrest and detention? Do you remember their names? Did you post bail?

Were you, or had you recently been, on any medication prior to your arrest? Do you suffer from any kind of disability or mental or physical health problem? Have you ever been through an injury to your head? Diabetes? Liver disease? Blood disease? Inner ear issues? Balance issues? GERD? COPD? Chronic heartburn?

What had you eaten earlier in the day of your arrest? Were you on a diet? How much sleep had you gotten the couple of nights before?

Did you provide breath samples? How many? On one machine or on more? Were you told to hold your breath first? Were you interrupted at any point while you were providing a sample? Did you burp at any point while you were in custody? Or throw up?

Do you have any criminal record at all, including previous DUI charges?

Before you talk about your case with anyone else, contact Merced drunk driving defense attorney Jeffrey A. Tenenbaum to discuss all your rights and options.

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